Diabetes Reversal..New Hope

-20% Diabetes Reversal..New Hope

" We know and have seen that this diet plan works. We are interested to support this campaign by meticulously finding out the science behind it”

- Dr.Tushar Bandgar, Professor and Head, Dept. Of Endocrinology, Seth GS Medical College and KEM Hospital, Mumbai.


" I feel that as obesity and diabetes are so common in our country, and every person can't reach right clinician at right time, afford drugs for long time with poor results, this is a very good non drug modality, safe and practical, thus should be used for everyone who is obese, diabetic, with high BP, theoretically insulin resistant; to treat, manage or prevent these disorders"

- Dr. Sanjeev Indurkar, Senior Diabetologist, Aurangabad.


" My personal opinion is that this lifestyle modification can give 100% success in people with prediabetes. It can also benefit many patients of diabetes. I am sure in newly diagnosed diabetics without any medicines, we can expect reversal of disease "

- Dr. Chandrashekhar Ashtekar, Diabetologist, Latur


" I would encourage physicians to give a fair trial to this lifestyle modification personally for themselves and then for patients, if they find it useful for themselves. This method has simplicity to succeed as a mass campaign and will take us a long way on the journey to make us a low diabetes prevalence nation "

- Dr. Nitin Ghaisas, Senior Diabetologist, Nashik

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