Apali Suryamala: Upagraha

-20% Apali Suryamala: Upagraha

Astronomy is a continuing subject.

Because the new innovation makes it a constant success.

If the information that is new yesterday is old, then

New information creates different questions and puzzles.

In the era of the solar system, yesterday the Guru had a 20-21 moon.

Their number is now 64 years ahead. Pluto's

Has been removed from the planetary group. Your moon

Some people have got water, some of them are very few planets

The new group has been split.

One or two things New campaigns, new pictures sent by

All this information is in plain simple language, briefly but surely,

Is up to date and with full color photographs. School students

As a complementary reading, useful for planetary projects and

This is a series of five books covering the public's curiosity.

All these booklet related to your planetary planets

Allow everyone to keep up to date storage .

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    Author(s): Anand Ghaisas

  • No of Pages: 32
  • Date of Publication: 26/11/2018
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 978-93-87667-46-4
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