Yuva Vidyan Kutuhal Part-3

-20% Yuva Vidyan Kutuhal Part-3

Youth Yoga is another name for the erudition of excitement, hard work and efficiency of human life. The same can be seen in the same experience as the highest sensitivity and experience of the same time.

It is not easy to get satisfactorily at the level of those experiences which have seemed trivial, from the reasons behind daily experiments, to infinite space and to their own body, illness, treatment from which they reached to electron microscope. Native technical information depicts this kind of form and reflects the latest information and technology, plus curiosity, more curiosity and collective experience - Youth-science-curiosity!

This effort is sure to be not only youthful, but popular.

- Vine. Go Serious

Senior Scientist, Homi Bhabha Science Education Center, Mumbai.

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    Author(s): Anand Ghaisas

  • No of Pages: 76
  • Date of Publication: 05/10/2018
  • Edition: 7
  • ISBN: 978-93-87667-32-7
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