How to Observe the Sky 1,2,3

-20% How to Observe the Sky 1,2,3

The universe is a subject of universal curiosity, but most books on the subject are heavily loaded with jargon. It is, therefore, a delight to have this book by Anand Ghaisas a master at simplifying the complexity of the universe and I am sure that like the universe, this book too will find universal acceptability.

 Prof. M. N. Vahia

How to Observe the Sky 1,2,3

हाऊ टू आब्जर्व स्काय पार्ट-१,२,3

Akash Kase Pahave

आकाश कसे पहावे 

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    Author(s): Anand Ghaisas

  • No of Pages: 135
  • Date of Publication: 12/03/2020
  • Edition: 1
  • ISBN: 978-93-90060
  • Availability: 44
  • Rs.390.00
  • Rs.312.00