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Manovikas – Rightful destination for choosy readers

Books shape the human and transform and enrich their life. Therefore Manovikas publication has been painstakingly taking efforts to get the finest,  exclusive literature in the hands of readers  since last 35 years. 

Publisher Arvind Patkar who carved a niche in the publishing world is basically a Mumbaikar. He was a full-time activist in the mill workers movement. His thoughts shaped by leftistprogressive movement further reinforced by reading. Which lead him to start a business of selling books. An overwhelming response from the readers boosted his enthusiasm and confidence. Based on this experience he started his own book shop in the campus of Akashwani Aamdar Nivas in Mumbai which soon became famous as ‘ Manovikas Book centre’. This book centre has become a rightful destination of choosy readers in Mumbai today.

Bookselling to Publishing...

While completing milestone of successful five years he observed the need for books on science, technology, education, economics, society and culture. With this thought, he decided to venture into the publishing business and published the first book ‘Shahir’- a compilation of Lavani, songs and Povadas of Annabhau Sathe. It marked the birth of ‘Manovikas Prakashan’as an organisation in 1984.

An organisation that created a new generation of writers

Arvind Patkar’s idea was to bring out the books that will guide the society, help it to prosper, the complete transformation of the readers and enrich them and will enhance the Marathi language and conserve it as well.  On this line after ‘Shahir’, he touched upon different subjects including the eradication of superstition, the annihilation of caste, science, psychology, rationalism, human history, personal and public health, education, politics, Indian culture, environment, personality development and mentoring new generation etc. Manovikas Prakashan is encouraging new promising writers and introducing a whole new generation of writers. 

Meeting stalwarts through books

Manovikas published a pathbreaking book in social reformation movement ‘Annihilation of caste’ of Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar in a new form. With an idea to give qualitative literature that will enrich the life and shape the thoughts of readers. Manovikas has published many excellent books by renowned writers. Manovikas is acting as a bridge between the stalwarts and readers through books.   

Passion to shape new rational society

If we make students health literate from school life, develop the scientific temperament it can make future generation healthy, aware and rationalist. The uniqueness of Manovikas Prakashan is that it adopts this idea and publishes several series of health and science books that are written by experts in the field. If children get the quality literature that complements the school curriculum and helps personality development, it will ensure children to become a responsible citizen. With this perspective eminent writers who are experts, researchers in the relative field asked to write the books on science, technology, education, health, culture, scientific experiments – discoveries, scientific games. It opened a new gallery of children's books. This gallery is so diverse that it has become a salient feature of Manovikas Prakashan. Children's books have received an overwhelming response from students, parents, teachers and readers in general.

Innovative involvement of the second generation

Considering the growing business Manovikas representatives of the second generation son Ashish Patkar and daughter in law Reena Patkar has taken initiative to share the burden of a rapidly flourishing business. Next-generation by bringing some time-relevant changes gave a new identity to Manovikas through their innovative participation. They are constantly in search of new promising writers and focuses on publishing books that give social insight and wisdom of readers.  Keeping in mind that books are read from cover to cover along with solid content they are emphasizing on quality book production.  They are also  attempting to bring out different forms like autobiographies, biographies, quality translations, stories- novels covering different topics and acknowledging  different incidences in the field of science- psychology and in society in general.   

Quality literature enhanced by excellent production

Manovikas always strives to give something new, something different along with quality content and excellent production. This is a distinct feature of Manovikas. Biography of Bharatratn recipient Sir Vishweshwarayya was not available anywhere. Manovikas got it done. ‘ Drashta Abhiyanta Sir Vishweshwarayya’ valuable quality book is now available for readers. Similarly, Manovikas produced many books like ‘ Kahani Manavpranyachi’,Varul Puran’, ‘Aivaji’, ‘ Drashtra Anuyatrik Dr Anil Kakodkar’ ‘Maharshi Vitthal Ramji Shinde – Jeevan v Kary’, ‘Shivputr Rajaram Maharaj’, ‘Aadivasinchya Bodh Katha’, ‘Musafir’, ‘Bhangaar’, ‘Hindu rashtrvad’ ‘ RAW – Bharteey guptachar sansthechi gudh gatha’, ‘Propaganda’, ‘ Deshbhakt – Andhbhakt’, ‘Udya’, ‘ Corporate Kallol’, ‘Symphony’, ‘Gretachi haak tumhala aiku yetey na’.


·         Exploring a variety of topics and finding new promising writers.

·         A team of Expert editors for every subject that focuses on accurate and thorough editing.

·         A publishing house with quality production and statewide distribution network.

·         Along with printed books exploring new media of e-books, audiobooks too.

·         More than 1500  titles handed over to the readers in the last 35 years.


Unique work of Manovikas Prakashan has received many important awards.  

·         Vi Pu Bhagwat Award - Prestigious award in the publication business.

·         Best book production Award  of Federation of Indian Publishers, Delhi.

·         Pushpa Pusalkar Purskar 2018 –Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad’s award for best book production

·         Dhananjay Balkrishna Thavale Paritoshik 2002 award for best book production.

·         Best book production Award  2003 and 2013 by Akhil Bharteey Prakashan Sangh.

·         Many Manovikas books received the honour of  Best literature production award’ by the Maharashtra Government.    

This trend continues even today. Therefore in Marathi publishing world Manovikas Prakashan has become 'an important and rightful destination for choosy readers'.